Merchant Page: Total spent over pay period


I’m trying to add up everything I’ve spent at a specific merchant throughout this month’s pay period i.e. 28th December - 27th January but it can only be done ‘this month’ ‘this week’ ‘this year’. I’d love if there was a more customisable option to add in the dates you want to see.

It would be really helpful when trying to track spending & create a budget, if you could easily see what you’ve spent at a specific shop for that pay period.

Apologies if this has already been suggested - I can’t seem to find anyone asking for the same thing.

You can export the data as a CSV and look at it that way? It’s how I do exactly this (and realise just how much I spend on coffee through a week!).

Equally, in-app you can search for the merchant and could just have to manually count through and total the transactions?

I like your idea though, but that would rely on Monzo having completely custom ‘pay periods’ something it doesn’t have yet but would definitely be a good addition.