Calendar View

(Mr Samuel David Toomey) #1

Any plans to have a calendar view, where you can see brief details of your spend on a particular day? Then when you click on a day it tell you all the details such as how much spent, where etc etc. This would be very handy for me as I think it would give me an idea of how much I am spending compared to other days of the week.

(Alex Sherwood) #2

There’s a pretty useful visualization of amount spent per day, that’s available for iOS users - the pulse graph.

As you can see, it’s very easy to spot which days you spent the most money on (the big dips in the line - mine are usually bigger than the ones in the video) and when you scroll through your feed of transactions the pointer on the graph scrolls to the same date. So you can see exactly where you spent your money on that date.

But I like the idea of a calendar view. How would you like the design to look? Since there might not be enough space to display the amount spent per day, in a grid displaying a whole month on your phone, perhaps a heat map (red = spent a large amount, green = spent a little) would be a good way to highlight the days you’re looking for?

A better looking version of this -

This would be quite a significant change to the design of the app but even if Monzo decided not to create it, another developer will be able to create an app to display this view, once Monzo’s API is ready.

Just a couple of notes on the pulse graph -

In order to see this graph, you need a full calendar month of transactions & then it will be unlocked on the 3rd of the following month.

If you’re an Android user, this is coming :soon: it’s next up on the roadmap.

(Mr Samuel David Toomey) #3

Hi Alex,
Thanks I haven’t heard of the Pulse Graph, only had my card for less than a week so will be able to give it a try in another few weeks time when I’ve had it for a month.

Yeah I like the idea of the colour coded days. This will make it easy to view and will catch the eye. I was thinking of a layout similar to Google Calandar, and on the day instead of what you have on (as seen in attached screenshot) you see the amount spent e.g. £38.62. Then you tap on the day you want to view and will be able to see all the transactions for that particular day :smile:

Hope this helps.

(Ted Peeters) #4

I recently forked out for Chronicle on both my iPhone and Mac to do something like this, but as I’m always one for consolidation, I’d love to get something like that incorporated into Monzo, maybe not especially laid out like a calendar, but definitely a trackable list and one that would be interactive with my finances in Monzo.

If anybody doesn’t want to hold out and is interested in a mini review: it’s good, but takes a fair bit of setting up and can probably be emulated with a bit of fiddling in Google Calendar.

(Ben Green) #5

I do have somewhat of an aversion to apps recreating interfaces that already exist elsewhere on a device. On one hand I understand why this should be kept secure (it’s financial data!!), but on the other hand I’d rather have all of my calendars together, all of my reminders together and so for messages and contacts.

If it’s not displaying what I’d deem as the real sensitive informative (the value of the transaction) then I wouldn’t mind having direct debits and standing orders to be synchronised with my devices native calendar app, possibly in a separate calendar - call in Financial - in my native calendar app.

Conversely though, I understand that many people don’t like being limited to using native apps, both Android and iOS users can agree on that. Perhaps that could be solved the same way Monzo have allowed users to open the magic login email link in their choice of mail client apps:


What pisses me off about some banking apps is where they code it so it won’t let you take a screen print :angry:

(Investor) #7

Yep I take your point there but this precludes the possibility of the birds eye view color coded by average spend - I presume that can’t be replicated in the native calendar app.

(Ben Green) #8

I was thinking the colour coding would be in relation to the category of transaction, which in my opinion would be much more useful. I’m not sure about how a native calendar app would achieve colour coding, but it could be done with labels in Google Calendar

(Investor) #9

Oh right Category spend is useful! I was just thinking of a “heat map” based on average daily spend, so at a glance you could visualise monthly spend - weekends would likely be red for me as I often feel compelled to buy a round or two of jaeger bombs :grimacing: