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Good evening all,

Just about to go to the land if nod and thought I’d have a look through my shiny monzo app and state in wonder at how amazing it is to track all of my spending! :smile:

After having a look through, I wanted to see how much I spent last week for lunch and coffee at work… (trying to have more motivation to make and bring my own lunch and coffee to save more money!) however as the canteen at work is categorised as eating out, and there was a change of month midweek, I needed to do it mentally.

Is there a way of selecting transactions by highlighting them and then totalling them up? I mean, I know you can search, but I believe (from my limited experience) that this only totals MTD rather than weekly and doesn’t help the issue mentioned above…

Any help appreciated, or possibly an improvement for future

Cheers and goodnight fellow monzoers (is that a word?!)

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Evening Daniel :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s how I keep track of this sort of thing.

If I want to keep an eye on something more specific than a category’s transactions but less specific than a merchant’s transaction’s, I add an emoji to each transaction’s notes i.e. :coffee: since I want to see how much I’m spending on those & make sure I don’t drink ‘too many’.

Then I can (in the iOS app at least) search for ‘last week’s’ transaction’s + that emoji.

Is this the sort of thing you were looking for?


If you’re on Android though, you might not have quite the same search functionality..In which case, you’ll have to wait until the app gets to parity with the iOS app, which will be before the current accounts are fully rolled out :soon:


Morning Alex,

Thank you for this reply. Unfortunately Android doesn’t have this functionality, so I guess I will just have to wait!



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I believe the technical term is Monzonauts :slight_smile: