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Hi there,

For me, viewing my spending categorised by merchant (i.e. Tesco, TfL) is really important and much more useful than viewing by generalised categories.

I noticed competing apps have a toggle switch between ‘category’ and ‘merchant’ in the spending view, but not Monzo (I’m on iOS) - even with drill-down, it’s not possible to see a total spent per merchant per month.

It might just be me, but I find this to be a more actionable insight than broader categories. Anything in the pipeline for this?


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Hi Huge :slight_smile:

on IOS if you go to any of the merchants that you want to drill down into - press that transaction on the screen, then scroll down the screen, it will give you details of the transactions - number , average and total - if you then press on either average spend or total it will give you all the transactions for that merchant , if you then press on the search box at top of screen it will give you additional search options, one of them being a calendar , choose last month , this week etc - which will then give you at the bottom of that screen the total spent last month , this week etc :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hey Ian thanks for the swift reply - I did find this and it’s a powerful tool, but it only shows this month and last month, plus there is the added effort to have to do this for every merchant I want the total for.

Having the merchant breakdown available at a glance is really what I’m after here.

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:slight_smile: yes it does “only” show searchable transactions from this / last , weekend / week/ month / quarter / year - or a specific date - for any merchant that you have spent money with in your Monzo history :slight_smile: - my transaction list is now over two years of data - some banks don’t even let you search for transactions other than on a monthly basis - which could include 100s of transactions during the month :slight_smile:

I think it would be a long or disjointed list if it showed groups / merchants automatically for any merchant in your spend history as an automatic display for a user specified period where Monzo don’t actually know the period, unless the users specify what information they are searching for - I suppose its a balance between specific merchants and generic categories with a bit of friction in search facilities

  • I would like to be able to search between specific dates

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Like this?


Exactly like that. Is that the Android version?

EDIT: just realised you are in subcategory view - the toggle is not on iOS unfortunately. Even so, it would be preferable the ability to view merchants from all spending, not just within categories.

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I guess. Most of my merchants fall under the same category eg. all my Starbucks was £19 for this month.

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I had no idea that such a feature was available (on Android). Hopefully the redesigned spending features something similar for iOS as well.


That’s an awesome feature, really useful to use.



Huge Monzo fan, I’m migrating my direct debits etc. so soon to be 100% :smiley:

I used to have the ‘Group By Merchant’ feature on Android, but it seems to have gone… is it coming back? I messaged on ‘Help’, and they confirmed it’s in the works, but would love to get more info, especially as it used to exist!