I have started to drink tea for the first time ever, I have only really had PG Tips. What other tea is there to have?

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This is where I get all my tea from: https://www.brewteacompany.co.uk/

I’m a big fan of Bird and Blend.

Their Carrot Cake Rooibos is to die for.

Teapigs make some lovely tea

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What about flavor teas?

Give me Yorkshire Tea or give me death.


Teapigs is full of herbal teas and a variety of flavours !

Given that it’s grown primarily in India and Sri Lanka, I’ve always felt the name to be a bit of misnomer. Reeks of whitewashing and colonialism to me.

That is wild I had no idea :exploding_head:

Your choice or mine?

I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who thinks the name means the tea was grown in Yorkshire as opposed to being blended there. I appreciate the concerns about tea’s history of colonialism, but Yorkshire Tea are far from the only company to have this history. PG Tips, Tetley, etc are just as culpable in that regard. By no means do I intend to give Yorkshire Tea a free pass just because they’re my favourite blend, but they would appear to be more ethical now than they were historically.


Oh, totally. Wasn’t an attack on your favorite blend :slight_smile:

Although I suspect this person might have thought it was grown in Yorkshire :joy:

The clapback was absolutely brilliant, so credit where credit is due.


Always love seeing it when a brand manages to do social media right :slight_smile: And it was great to see as the thread developed that it wasn’t just Yorkshire Teas putting the idiot in her place :sweat_smile:



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I love carrot cake and I like tea. But would I like carrot cake tea? Time to find out

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Best tea is the kind that grows for free outside your back door. :smile: Nettle and mint are my two favourites.

Okay, they’re not tea tea. But still a good choice!

My favourite is Earl Gray Yin Zhen, please no milk :slight_smile:

Barrys Classic tea is the best strong flavoured black tea (similar taste to Yorkshire Gold).

Yorkshire Tea :raised_hands:t3::fire:

I also enjoy the french Earl grey blend by TWG Tea and Chamomile Citrus by Mighty Leaf Tea (I think it’s been sadly discontinued)

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teapigs Earl Grey is good.