Best Tech

Best Tech that People own

The Jesus water to wine making device.


Couldn’t live without my Sage Barista Express.

If we’re talking traditional tech than I’d have to go with my iPad Pro 10.5. Best computer I’ve ever owned by a long shot.

That’s a serious bit of kit!

Breville toastie maker.

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What’s YOUR best bit of tech @anon67583189 ??


I look at getting one of these but ended up going with the Melitta Barista b to c (because of the app and a presumption that the reviews were a bit Heston fanboy-ey).

What coffee are you using?

It was bloody pricey but it’s paid for itself three times over in £3 coffees I haven’t bought.

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The Heston cash in really annoys me, but in truth these are made by Breville (not the UK one) and have nothing too do with him.

I’ve tried a few different roasters, but have been using Grindhouse Hammerhead Blend for the last year. Absolute bargain at £12.50 a kilo and my taste buds can’t tell the difference between that and the £10 250g bags that all the more hipster roasteries sell.

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The fountain pen.

Unbeatable ink delivering technology.


Nice. I may have to give it a whirl. I generally prefer a lighter roast (more caffeine)…

We have a local award winning roastery called the Blending Room, their blends are expensive but is the best smelling and tasting coffee I’ve ever had. Tapped him up to pick me some single origin coffee too, a Peaberry from Kenya and a Yirgacheffe from Ethiopia, both great if you love a fruitier tasting coffee (you can also get them from Whittards fairly cheap, they just taste a tad older, dustier almost from them!).

I generally drink flat whites so need a darker roast to balance the milk.

My Best bit of tech is my Samsung Phone and my PS4

But that’s two best bits of tech! If you had to choose one…? :wink:

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My phone as its the most important thing you would ever need if u was in trouble :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well reasoned answer.

Thank you :grinning:

My quill and ink pot also my lute