Your Favourite Coffee?

For me it has to be


Irish Cream


Black pour-over.

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Black, nothing added.


The correct answer.


I’ve not had any coffee this year as part of my new year’s resolution (I was hooked), but I strangely liked the boring old instant coffee from Tesco. I think it was something like 32p for a jar :joy:

Not entirely sure why, but with a splash of milk it was really good! :blush:


Black. Bean has to be a Kenyan Peaberry from my machine, which is tuned to exactly my taste.

Anyone tried Jamaica Blue Mountain?

Black, nothing added, straight from a French press into my mug. :slight_smile:

Homemade cold brew (Morrisons French Vanilla grounds) made into an iced latte with lactose free milk. It’s incredible!

Beans from the local coffee roaster, currently Blue Sumatra. Drunk black, poured straight out of the moka pot.

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A cortado using these.

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Anything these guys serve me has been better than anything else I’ve ever found. Very lucky to have them where I’m living too.


I’ve got a Nespresso Machine - so basically whatever pods I buy from them :joy::joy:

Although I do have a few favourites - with some frothed milk is just the best!

Wife got me some coffee beans for my birthday recently.

Smells amazing (in the packet) can’t test it though… coffee machine is wrapped up for the house move

Black :hot_coral_heart:


Doesn’t exist :joy: had I think 5 cups in the last 20 years :joy:

This is the nicest instant coffee that doesn’t taste instant I’ve found. I bought 10 tins to bring back :flushed: my housemate and I would go through this so fast

I often have it with Baileys :joy:


This is what we used to drink before we splashed out on the coffee machine.

The Intenso blend is better then the normal Amerciano blend, but both are a bit ‘Mellow Birds’ for me.

Hats off to anyone who gets the reference.


Yeah, love that place.
Their nespresso pods are pretty good too - we have those at work

Yeah they’re doing really well with those now!