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Anyone here into coffee? I’ve been brewing this with my V60 since Monday and am pretty happy with the results! I’m a fan of Pact’s subscription offering too, and I know they’re popular with a lot of people.

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Many year Pact customer here with a V60, Aeropress, Stove top and Coffee machine (no grinder yet though): I’ve found all of their coffees quite nice and it’s quite nice to have a variation every month or so. Here’s a £5 credit link if you want to give it a go: .


I’m a big fan of Perky Blenders myself. Just stick it into a cafetiere though myself.

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They’re pretty great, right? I do love the information cards they provide with each coffee they send out - and the website is really well designed. I don’t use them so much myself (James Gourmet are local to me though, so it’s nice to be able to walk a few minutes and collect orders), but would definitely recommend Pact too.

If you do end up looking at grinders in the future, I’m pretty happy with my De’Longhi burr grinder. Not too pricey, and grinds beans (reasonably!) evenly.

How do you normally end up brewing the coffees you get? That’s a lot of different brewing methods you mentioned!

How does the V60 compare to a Bialetti Mocapot?

A percolator is my weapon of choice right now.


Can’t say I’ve used a stovetop Moka, so can’t really compare! Would you recommend one?

Now this is my kind of thread :smiley: I’m a great fan of Pact :coffee: I brew using an Aeropress: love how quick the clean-up is - pop the coffee puck (and filter) into the compost and just rinse under the tap - ten seconds, if that! The lack of “grittiness” from the paper filter is a great bonus too.

@adam.williams - have to say that that’d be my biggest con of stovetops/percolators - the clean-up can be a bit of a pain comparatively, but they make lovely rich coffee!


I’ve got an aeropress (somewhere…) a nuova simonelli oscar and a Rancillio Rocky grinder

But I usually end up using my french press!

Has anyone tried cold brewing?

I use a Bialetti Venus moka pot. It’s stainless steel so it’s very easy to clean. I grew up in an Italian household so the moka pot was a part of life from a very early age and my mum still uses a moka from the early 70s. When I moved out in the mid 80s my parents bought us a moka pot for our new flat, but I soon discovered that aluminium doesn’t do well in the dishwasher! The modern stainless version still makes great coffee; I use Segafredo or Illy in mine.

Ooooh, very nice. Did you import that Espresso machine (I’m assuming you’re in the UK - correct me if wrong!) or was there a more local reseller you were able to use? Also, I assume you had to do some work to make it work with 230V mains?

It’s something I’ve looked at, but from what I undferstand it tends to take quite a while to brew and I’m pretty impatient :laughing:. I’ll probably give it a shot some day, though my worry is it’d end up tasting more bitter when it’s not hot.

If anyone’s ever in Norwich then @StrangersCoffee do excellent cold brew - served over ice with a slice of orange. Very summery and not bitter at all.


We’re big coffee lovers in the Monzo office, I’ll try and get a picture of our set up


I actually got the oscar in the UK - it is italian and was produced in both flavours - I could only find that pic of it with a quick search! It is fabulous, way better than any consumer espresso maker and has a double boiler. Mine is in bits at the moment as I need to replace an overtemp valve.

My understanding of cold brewing is that you make a very strong cold liquid and then make coffee by using shots of it with hot water. I’m told it is anything but bitter and will try it out someday.

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Since visiting Rome a few years ago, I’ve been addicted to my moca pot. It doesn’t do ‘thick’ espresso type coffee, but it does produce smooth, clean and rich coffee to drink black or with frothy milk.

I’d love a proper machine, but from everything I read, if you want to spend less than £500, it’s a waste of time.

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You can get a decent espresso from some of the hand pressed espresso machines, as long as they have a decent boiler, or you’re not making much at a time you can add the pressure yourself. I’ve heard goof things about these

I have an aeropress and a French press. I tend to find myself using the French press more than the aeropress even though the latter makes nicer, smoother coffee. I guess I’m just lazy and tend to find the French press makes more coffee!

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Interesting you say that, I’ve found the french press more of a pain to cleanup vs the AeroPress where you just bin the “puck” of grounds and rinse it.

Definitely something I’d love to see!

I love coffee. I’ve tried​ quite a few brands of coffee and I always come back to one brand. Its from a local roastery here in Leeds that’s run as a social enterprise. Cielo coffee. They do great coffee
Check them out. Give a large portion of profits to the community and charity.

My weapon of choice is my trusty oomph. Not sure what to compare it to but it’s great for the morning commute