Tax refund through monzo

I have a check from HR for tax return/ refund. As monzo has no physical bank how can I withrdraw theese money through Monzo? Monzo is the only UK account I have. Please help!

Post it to Monzo?


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I have no idea! That’s what Im asking. Should I post it? Is this how it’s done?

It states it within the app in the help section. Select ‘help’ from the bottom of the Monzo app and search ‘cheque’ and select ‘Paying in a cheque’. I posted this outcome above in my last post.

I’m pretty sure there’s a way to do this now so that you don’t end up with a cheque but yes you do need to post it. It’ll only take a few days to be processed, but if you’re worried about it arriving you can use one of Royal Mail’s tracked services.

If you go to your Monzo app, swipe down so that you can see your card then underneath it tap Add Money. Tap the cheque option and all of the instructions you need are there together with the details you need to put on the back.

Do you have a US account? Only reason I’m asking is that you’ve used the American spelling of Cheque and it’s different for them.

Also in the future. If you get stuck with anything, tapping on ‘help’ in the bottom right corner of the app and searching for the issue you’re having should give you a guide on what to do.

We don’t mind helping of course but it’s quicker the way I’ve mentioned above :slight_smile:

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