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It’ll be out on android next week I believe

(Bradley) #183

I hope you don’t mind me asking what this is based on? I’ve been looking forward to this feature for ages now.

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(Bradley) #185

Sorry, thought you were talking about targets

(lewis oconnor) #186

sorry, no, my fault getting mixed up with chat this was in :sweat_smile:

(Daniel) #187

Does anyone with the current account know if you can catagorise incoming payments from friends and family? You can’t categorise payments which breaks targets, but maybe they fixed it with current account transfers?

(Laura) #188

I can confirm you can categorise payments from friends. But it doesn’t reflect in target totals for that category.

Which makes it much less useful overall.

(George) #189

I really think being able to set the start date and end date of your months targets to coincide with your pay day is needed!! :calendar:

(Martin) #190

Until the start date can be set by the customer, I would suggest that the targets are completely useless. Calendar month is arbitrary in relation to one’s spending patterns.

Monzo, you clearly believe this feature is important and indeed mature, given that it is one of only five top level pages/tabs in the app, but the fixed date range makes it impossible to perform the most basic tracking of my income and expenditure.

So what am I missing? How do you propose this feature be used if I get paid mid month and want to manage my spending until my next payday?

(Benjamin Doherty) #191

Any update from monzo about when this will finally be available on android?

(Bradley) #192

Nope, I imagine they’re improving functionality (i.e. custom start/end dates) of the existing Apple version and will launch both improved versions (iOS and Android) at the same time.

(Jolin) #193

My understanding from comments a few months ago is that they’re doing more than improving the functionality, they are completely overhauling the feature. I think that’s why there’s not even a basic version on Android. The current feature on iOS isn’t the starting point that will have improved functionality, it’s essentially a prototype that will be replaced with a new system. At least that’s what I’ve inferred, I have no inside knowledge.

(Benjamin Doherty) #195

Corr, feels like it’s taking forever. I mean from this first sneak peak up until now quite a long time has passed. For android to have been given nothing in that time is a bit frustrating


Don’t say that people will start to say oh you have Android pay though… Seems to be the answer for all Android missing features.


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It was difficult to search this topic for this:

Does anyone know if there’s a plan to allow targets to be changed for a specific month, so if you have a holiday one month you don’t have to change them at the start of the month and then change them back again at the end—you’d add specific targets for that one month, but the next month would be your usual targets?

I ask because I tend to put eating out, travel etc. while on holiday under the Holidays category, so I can easily see how much I’m spending on holidays for the year. During that month, my spending on groceries, eating out, travel etc. will be lower because I’m away for a week or two and everything I spend related to my holiday will be under the Holiday category.

Without this feature, I’d receive warnings that I’m spending too much for my overall target or for my Holiday target (because the Holiday target is obviously much lower for months when I don’t actually have a Holiday planned), which is incorrect.

Maybe I’m using it incorrectly though :slightly_smiling_face:


Loadouts for targets sounds good. Easy way to switch.

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Seems vague? Update as in allow users to to make use for the targets feature by adding custom dates?