New Mondo Update: Updated Design and More

(Tristan Thomas) #1

We’ve just launched Mondo v1.6! Go check it out :smiley: More info here:

(Tristan Thomas) listed #3

(Rika Raybould) #4

Solid release but the blog link from the community site 404s due to one too many slashes in the URL. :sweat_smile:

Looking forward to what gets built on the reorganised app. :tada:

(Christopher J. Sladdin) #5

Loving the new, lighter look to many of the screens, although there are a few areas where there seems to be too much blank space (between the balance and today spending, for example, or above the user’s name on the profile screen). Looking forward to seeing the predictions and budgeting features now.

Will we be seeing the header design @hugo showcased in the sneak peak at targets a few weeks ago or is this how it will stay? I quite liked the idea of having both the top stats and the graph in the same view.

(Christopher J. Sladdin) #6

In fact, the header layout I’d have liked to have seen with both stats and the pulse graph is the one in the screenshot on this blog but it isn’t in the updated version as far as I can tell…

(Samuel Michael) #7

Hey @SladdinCJ , we made a boo boo and uploaded the wrong screen shot! you had a sneak peak into the future :chart_with_upwards_trend::eyes: the stats / pulse combo is something we are working on for a future release. blog image now updated. My bad!


@Sam Couldn’t help but notice that there was no “+£40 vs Avg” on the first screen shot. Are you guys removing it? Also there was no Category and Merchant tabs :thinking:

(Samuel Michael) #9

Hey @hatimbt, The images we accidently uploaded were early design concepts taken from the Targets sneak peak @hugo shared a while back. We are still in the process of building + testing these features, so some may not make it to the app. Well spotted though :+1:

(Nicholas Carter) #10

I’m liking it! Feels definitely preparation for the future and more content - however I’m not getting a balance graph as described in the post? :flushed::eyes: I might be stupid though :see_no_evil:


You have to have been using the card for at least one month to get this.

(Nigel Laverick) #12

Have you had a full month of data with Mondo? Apparently it only appears once you have a months worth of data to display , only about three weeks to go for me :roll_eyes:

(Nicholas Carter) #13

My first transaction was 7th July, So… Maybe it’s a full calendar month (e.g 1st aug - 31st?)

(Tristan Thomas) #14

It is a full calendar month I’m afraid!


Where is the dislike button?

(Christopher J. Sladdin) #16

Is there a reason that the pulse graph doesn’t show your balance daily when you don’t spend anything on your Mondo card that day? It always seems to stop updating until you spend again which is a bit inaccurate given that one’s balance would be the same if you didn’t spend and should therefore appear as a straight line.