New Mondo Update: Updated Design and More

We’ve just launched Mondo v1.6! Go check it out :smiley: More info here:

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Solid release but the blog link from the community site 404s due to one too many slashes in the URL. :sweat_smile:

Looking forward to what gets built on the reorganised app. :tada:

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Hey @SladdinCJ , we made a boo boo and uploaded the wrong screen shot! you had a sneak peak into the future :chart_with_upwards_trend::eyes: the stats / pulse combo is something we are working on for a future release. blog image now updated. My bad!

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@Sam Couldn’t help but notice that there was no “+£40 vs Avg” on the first screen shot. Are you guys removing it? Also there was no Category and Merchant tabs :thinking:

Hey @hatimbt, The images we accidently uploaded were early design concepts taken from the Targets sneak peak @hugo shared a while back. We are still in the process of building + testing these features, so some may not make it to the app. Well spotted though :+1:

I’m liking it! Feels definitely preparation for the future and more content - however I’m not getting a balance graph as described in the post? :flushed::eyes: I might be stupid though :see_no_evil:

You have to have been using the card for at least one month to get this.

Have you had a full month of data with Mondo? Apparently it only appears once you have a months worth of data to display , only about three weeks to go for me :roll_eyes:

My first transaction was 7th July, So… Maybe it’s a full calendar month (e.g 1st aug - 31st?)

It is a full calendar month I’m afraid!

Where is the dislike button?

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