(Justin Seals) #203

Agree, this has been something I’ve been wanting for ages, my spending tab is entirely pointless right now as incoming money doesn’t get deducted from spending, bills aren’t spread out over a month etc - it’s a shame as this is the biggest feature of Monzo really right now, and I (and I’m sure many others can’t use it).

When is this all going to be updated and fixed so it’s usable? :slightly_frowning_face:

(Grant Ritchie ) #204

Here’s my problem -

If for example I pay for flights for me and my partner (£200) and she then sends me half the money afterwards (£100) and both are tagged in the ‘holiday’ catatory - then I want my holiday spending within my targets to be £100 total after both transactions (-£200 + £100 = - £100). But currently my spending will remain £200 even if my account is credited with the £100 from my partner.

Can this be a feature of the future please :pray:

(Daniel) #205

I’ve had this problem for over a year, the built in budgeting is why I signed up in the first place, only to find out it was useless. I’ve put multiple posts on here but never get anything concrete. I’ve seen tiny features come instead of this fix and also huge new features like pots while this still remains a completely useless feature. Current account launch was an excuse for many many months and the latest is that the budgeting is getting reworked for the current account so fixing this would be doing it twice. I say do it twice then as to me the Monzo app is broken and the promise of built in budgeting is a lie.

They have been well aware of it the whole time but just prefer to do other things first. I wouldn’t hold your breath for the fix…

(Maddie Harriman) #206

I would find it very useful to have a feature where payments into the account are taken into account for monthly spending. For example, when I buy groceries for my housemates/ communal things and they Monzo me back, my targets go way over as it looks like I’m spending a lot more than I am. It would be great to have a feature to view total outgoings - today income during a month (minus the amount I top up!)

(Dan) #207

100% agreeee! It should definitely take into account income to offset in a category…

(Hugo Cornejo) #208

I can only agree with all of you folks, our spending/targets functionality is broken the moment you have any kind of splitting or money coming in and out related with the same thing (someone refunding you for something, etc.).

I know how frustrating it is :frowning:. In my personal experience, during the last few months I’ve overspent massively because of this issue. I know this doesn’t make it better but at least I want you to know that we are fully aware of the importance of sorting this out.

The bright side of things though is that we know how to fix it! We’ve worked on a few different solutions and this very Friday we’re kicking off the work to get it build as one of our main priorities for this new quarter :muscle:

We’ll share progress very :soon:

A case for an iPad app or web-based login?

Are you able to comment on Android progress for this very feature? Hope to see a fix for iOS and a release for Android around the same time…

(Hugo Cornejo) #210

I think the first step is to fix the Spending view (since it affects both platforms and it’s the foundation for Targets, right?). Once we’re happy with the fix we’ll move into the next piece. There’s going to be a lot of iteration until we get it just right. Please bear with us :slight_smile:

(Hele Griffiths) #211


Apologies if this has already been discussed but I would find it really useful if when someone pays you into a certain category that the amount is then deducted from my monthly spending target.

For example if I pay for the bill at a restaurant and my friends pay me back into the ‘eating out’ category then it would be helpful for this to be paid back so it doesn’t skew how much I’m actually spending

(Tom ) #212

Hey @HeleGriffiths - moved your post here as Hugo discusses above how they are looking to fix this issue.

(Hele Griffiths) #213

Thank you - looking forward to seeing the new features soon!

(Daniel) #214

I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear that. I’ve been waiting a looong time for this news. Can’t wait!

(jayunderscorestevens) #215


Not sure if this has been discussed yet (looked but couldn’t see it) but it would be great to have an option to set Targets for specific months rather than have a general target for all months.

At the minute if you change a target it also changes all the previous month’s targets.
So in Feb, my ‘Bills’ target is going to be less due to no council tax, but reducing this target would mean I’m overspent (in the horrid red) in all previous months.

(Graham) #216

Probably already been mentioned before.

Would be great if Monzo automatically detect when your (main) salary comes into your account so it could then reset your Targets instead of on a specific.

Use cases, for people who don’t get paid on a fixed date such as the last working day of the month or the last friday of the month.

(Tim Banting) #217

What a great idea! However, I would worry that Targets would be reset when my expenses get paid in. Perhaps if it was a regulary ammount at a regular time of the month?

(Upelluri) #218

The option to choose between the two would be best. Or set a threshold on the amount that resets the target

(Tim) #219

Is there any update on this yet? It really does make budgeting/targeting within the app pointless without this. This is probably the only thing stopping me switching to Monzo full time


This was on the blog update for 2018.

6-12 months is the current timeline :ok_hand:

(Daniel) #221

Well that’s disappointing.

(Alex Crooks) #222


Here is my feedback on what could be done to improve the Spending tab:

  1. Allow people to add custom categories
  2. Show an average spend per week for each retailer as well as month
  3. Show an average spend category as well as retailer, ie groceries

I hope this helps