My month with Mondo

My Time With Mondo

My experience with Mondo has been largely positive and I’m defiantly a promoter. However I’m aware that this is a beta and after all this is why we’re are here, to give valuable feedback to the lovely developers .

The pulse feature is great in concept although I find the graph representation of this rather useless and not a true representation of my spending habits. I would much prefer to see my card balance and current spend reflect depending on the day I’m looking at. So in short remove the graph (or have it as an alternative view) and just have the “your card balance” & “spend today” reflect to the given day you looking at in your history. I seen the graph being useful if mondo was my current account though since it is pre-paid card, I only top it up when I need to.

What I would like to see if multiple purchases were made and the same place in one day they appeared as a drop down box, this is especially useful if I’m having a drinking session in a bar :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The app seems to freeze a lot while looking back at your history while in a no wifi area or while the phone is in airplane mode. I’m Currently writing this while on a train and I am finding that as I move to and from the app I’m forced to shut it down again and reopen it for the app to respond to touch.

I love the active community and the transparency of the roadmap and what you are working on. It’s amazing and refreshing to see the genuine love for the brand on both sides.

Keep up the amazing work and I look forward to more exciting features in the future.

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The multiple bar purchases has certainly occurred on my feed! It would be good to come up with a good way of displaying, “the total spent today at this merchant today”, while making it clear that a single row contains multiple purchases.


it would be helpful have it even when using mondo in tube and buses.

Thanks! Great to get updates like this :smiley: