Targeted Ads

Prompted by a sponsored post in my Instagram Feed, I’m curious to know how others feel about Targeted Ads?


For about ten years I have had an HSBC current account, but obviously also now have a Monzo account, so am sure this popped up based on my interactions with the two online.

Do you prefer ads which are revelant to them, based on information gathered, or do you find this unsettling. I know it’s not a new thing, but have encountered strong opinions for and against.

Personally, I think it’s interesting when it’s tailored to you, but think there should be more transparency for the consumer around how such ads are targeted.

I usually opt out of personalised ads, just out of interest who was the ad for monzo or HSBC or a third party?

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I’ve seen this ad too, though I don’t have aHSBC account. I don’t think this ad has anything to do with either Monzo or HSBC.

More generally, I prefer targeted ads to non-targeted, but I prefer services that are funded by users rather than by advertisers - I stopped using Monzo primarily for this reason.

I prefer ads targeted to the content I’m looking at, so they don’t have to follow me around the web to try and target me (which has yet to work - I have never bought anything based on an ad, if anything I’d be more wary of the product as good products don’t need ads to sell).

Ah fair enough, I might be reading too much into it! :face_with_monocle:

A 3rd party. It intrigued me enough to engage with the link. Looks like an upcoming investment app. Didn’t look particularly interesting.

Do you have a link to the company in question?

This is the link the ad points to:

Seems like someone is going to great lengths to try and move up the queue.

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Flagged with Freetrade already, @anon23935806 is right, someone is just taking extreme measures to climb the waiting list :man_facepalming: not a targeted ad from Freetrade themselves.


Im new to Freetrade. I dont know how to move up the que, Im right at the bottom.
Please can someone help me…

Thx so much!