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Just come across this ad on Facebook… Is this allowed?! A little bit misleading a Monzo user posing as a business?

I remember seeing something similar a while ago, someone’s just set up their own ad campaign with their referral code. I think it got nixed last time as being against Monzo’s T&Cs, but can’t be sure.

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I’ve flagged this in the Coral Crew chat to see if it is or isn’t allowed


There was a guy who created a website a while back with his referral code too. Wonder what happened with that? :thinking:

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Well in case it’s against any FB/Monzo terms here’s the link to report and get removed asap

So in 2 days it’s had a name change and they’ve got 3 likes. Not the best of starts :laughing:

Monzo aren’t the only bank on there either :open_mouth:

The way facebook works, all posts are ads, you can pay facebook to promote any of your posts. This is one of the only ways for example to ensure all your friends actually see your post as far as im aware (facebook decide who should see what you post otherwise).

So the paying to promote your post is allowed on facebook. Posting the referral link under his non-name facebook account, might not be allowed under monzos terms, if they have any?

edit: i cant find any terms of service which restrict the referral codes?

Sponsored posts are a form of advertising. So using the Monzo logo and branding to promote your service/company without permission or prior approval may also be prohibited under these terms (if they have them)

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I guess technically they are promoting Monzo not them, but yeah, this seems like the only way it may break some terms. That doesn’t seem like it would work if the account was under their name though.

Yeah good point, I guess it is a bit of promotion for both. I bet if Monzo were bothered they could find some clause or make a threat to have it taken down.

Without the T&Cs though were debating nothing :laughing:

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Thanks for letting us know, we’ll look into it :slight_smile:

Broadly speaking this isn’t the kind of behaviour we want to encourage.


I’ve not come across this but there’s one person in particular who I had to block on Facebook because he comments on every single Monzo post with his referral code.
I’m not sure if it’s against any rules but surely it’s classed as spam if he’s posting the exact same message over and over and over. Either way it’s making Monzo look bad IMO if they allow this kind of thing to carry on.

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