Revolut ad Vs Monzo Email (Thoughts?)

The difference between the two companies can be seen by how they approached the same topic - although I think “single-shaming” is a bit of a stretch. The monzo email focused on the positives - to me it really cemented my belief in their values and the bank itself. Any other opinions on this?

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I do agree with the article that the ad is a little intrusive. Perhaps a touch tone deaf too?

It follows a similar theme to some of Spotify’s ads at some point in the last year (per below and others)

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I know this kind of data use is more common, and maybe it’s one thing for a Music streaming company - I just don’t like the idea of my bank doing it for (this kind) of advertising.

In the monzo email, you can see the making of a new phase of services too - more data driven trends/insights - so I imagine more trending type information is on the way.

While I’m personally not too bothered by it, a lot of people won’t mind Spotify doing it, but people like to think their banks aren’t constantly spying on their activity. I know it’s aggregate data, etc but it will still bother some folks


I agree - much prefer Monzo’s tone

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I don’t think Revolut’s is actually accurate they’ve probably just made it up for a bit of fun advertisement. Spotify I imagine is the same too.


I’m more worried about the grammar in the Spotify advert.

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