Target reset date to be on Payday

Idea: Allow users to set the spending target reset date to be when a specific repeating payment comes in, or a specific time every month (last friday of every month)

I get paid on the last friday of every month, but that sometimes means it can be a week or so before the month ends, and I’ll have spent money between then so my target is no longer accurate

Apologies if this is already a feature, I couldn’t find it anywhere however.


Have a search, this has been requested probably 50 times and doesn’t exist yet.

It is well known discourse search is horribly bad, so unless you know what to search for, a lot of the time the keywords you think you need to search for come up with nothing useful.

It’s not perfect but when there’s so many threads for exactly the same thing it’s difficult to not find one.

This is the most popular one to vote in

Thank you both, apologies for missing that it had already been posted haha, pretty new to all of this :slight_smile:

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