Weekly budget targets

I prefer budgeting on a weekly basis so I don’t end up spending all my money in the first 2 weeks and then having to live off plain pasta for the last 2 (I’m a student, can you tell?), so being able to set up weekly budget targets instead of just monthly would be really useful!


Theirs a push on these forums for budgeting to be more flexible would expect something like this to come out in the near future

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Hi Zoe, yes you’ll soon be able to set weekly, monthly or even custom target timeframes by looking at this thread


Oh, fantastic! I had a look around and tried to find whether it had been brought up already but couldn’t find it. Not very familiar with forums. Thanks!


It could always be implemented where people set their monthly pay day (for instance last Friday of the month, or the last working day of the month, or a specific date such as the 1st of the month). This would allow easier control over the monthly budgeting. It could also then be implemented with the weekly budgeting to seperate the weeks depending on the monthly pay day. I get paid on the last working day of the month. So for instance if that was a Tuesday, every Tuesday would be the start of the new weekly budget.


Yes, that’s been mentioned a few times, here’s the first post & Hugo’s comment on the idea -


Monzo are working on enabling this -


I did have a read through those and saw the screenshot! I was just wondering what approach was being taken on the ‘custom’ budgeting menu as shown in the screenshot

Great, did you see this?

Hopefully that approach would work for you…?

The automatic adjustment sounds really good! Cant wait to see how it all works when you become a registered bank!

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They are a registered bank already

I mean in the way that you can hold a full current account with standing orders etc

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Anyone know what the status of weekly targets is? I completely agree with the OP’s comments that budgeting weekly works better for some (me included!!)

It looks like they could be coming soon :tada:

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Amazing!! Thanks Alex :smile:

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Id prefer this to the weekly budget, but adding both would be great!

Ongoing discs=ussions are here: