Set Start of Month 9

(Amy ) #1

Will we be able to set our dates for our monthly targets? I want my budgets and targets to be in line with my pay day not the end of the month

(Tom Warren) #2

Good evening!

This has been discussed a couple of times now, here’s the first for you :grimacing:

Start of month talked about here:

Also worth a read about custom timeframes too:

Hope this helps!

(Juan) #3

Will this not be an automated process whereby Monzo will identify when your payday is, and set the beginning of your “spending” month then? Obviously, this would work much better once current accounts become available :smile:

(Alex Sherwood) #4

Great guess :clap: the answer is yes it will be, at some point :smile:

(Liam Corbett) #5

I’ve actually just put a post in feedback for this as at first search couldn’t find a post for it. But i would really like this to happen, I think in the week I’ve used my Monzo card I haven’t found anything that I don’t like and this date thing is just something I’d like to be able to control

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