Show Committed Spends in the budget section

Hey - apologies if this has been mentioned before, could only see one thread from Feb without a Monzo response so here we go.

I understand that some people may not want this feature, but I think it’s a little odd to not include regular payments/payments under the budget tab. My use case being;

I have direct debits coming out each month, on a fixed date for a fixed amount. I have one budget in money dashboard currently which has a section for each element, fixed bills and spends per catagory (shopping, eating out etc). So, an overall budget which tells me how I’m doing and what can safely be put into savings.

I’m now full Monzo. So, budget in the app, right? Except I can’t do this, as monzo classes committed spends as not part of the budget. So to do this in a monzo world, In effect I need to have two budgets.

What would make this great? Allow the user to assign any transaction to be part of a budget, rather than as a separate committed spend, if they wanted to. I understand why Monzo doesn’t think that committed spends should be part of a budget, but I disagree.

Thanks :slight_smile:

If there is already a topic that mentions this the general rule is that you need to bring it up there.

This way everything is neat and tidy and it shows Monzo how much of a demand there is for something if it is all in one place. Otherwise we get scattered topics here and there that will often get missed and go under the radar :slight_smile:

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Hey Thanks for the help I will look to do that. I note that that post hasn’t the option to vote for it as a change though?

This is hilarious ! I have no idea why your committed spend doesn’t fall into your budget.
I get now that it’s because on a month by month basis you can’t get out of your committed. But when you have an ever changing committed it’s hard not having a total on the same page. Even more annoyingly, if you create a scheduled spend to go out once in a month, it puts it into the scheduled bucket and not the spending / budget section