so I’ve now joined TalkTalk because there service to stop scam calls getting through is better then what my old provider PlusNet was telling customers to use so if anyone is on TalkTalk add the feature Call Safe it does really work

You can filter spam calls yourself on your device. No need to switch providers.

If you’re getting a lot too, I wouldn’t say it’s their fault either.

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I generally find TalkTalk’s service to be appalling

Their routers don’t support (at least my work) VPN connections so when we tried homeworking (luckily before the pandemic days), we just couldn’t connect. I called their support line a bunch of times and we just kept being told that we need to upgrade to their business package and pay and extra £15 a month

Tried explaining the issue and that no reasonable provider should have ridiculous restrictions like this and I even asked for early termination based on breach of contract (I can’t use the internet service I am paying for).

Many phone calls and much Googling later I found out that their new routers have VPNs blocked and if I go on their community forum (a bit like here), a community support technician (a bit like the Coral Crew, not official TalkTalk employees as far as I know) can send me an old stock router (early to mid teens) that then works with VPNs.

Even if they have a farcical system where the forum people have more power than the phone support, why can’t the phone people point me to the right direction? They just tried to upsell and even agreed to terminate my contract early instead of say “go on the forum mate”

It’s a farce, and I will run as far away as I can once my contract ends next month

I’ve been with talktalk for over a year and I use a VPN for work no problem. Not sure if my router maybe has the block disabled.

The customer service isn’t great but I find that’s because most of them are offshore and there is usually an issue with language/understanding of the problem.

Not sure who your VPN provider is but when I Google TalkTalk and my work VPN provider, there are hundreds of complaints about it not working

And the general line from TalkTalk support is that they don’t allow VPNs

It is software preloaded onto the device so not sure if that makes a difference.

I wouldn’t touch talktalk with a bargepole after it took them 18 months to finally send out an Openreach tech who discovered my phone socket was corroded. Also a router that couldn’t handle multiple simultaneous user

Sledgehammer approach!

A quick tutorial would be super… :slight_smile:

I can only speak for Android but I’m sure there is an iOS equivalent as well as an abundance of third party apps on both app stores.

Basically I can block all spam calls, international numbers, withheld numbers and even reject calls from numbers that are not in my phonebook. Or you can send them straight to voicemail. It’s all configurable and is really good :slight_smile:

Isn’t the OP talking about landlines?

Quite a large number of landline devices offer the same number blocking and filtering functions. It very much remains a reactive approach rather than a proactive one though. Not many companies provide that level of filtering on the backend, though some are working on such features, particularly VOIP providers.

If TalkTalk’s system works well enough people then by all means use TalkTalk. I would never personally consider TalkTalk as a serious option, while their backhaul is fine, the front facing portion of the company is dreadful.

Good point! I’m not sure? :sweat_smile:

Judging off all the other phone provider topics the OP has created I would assume mobile? :man_shrugging:

Our internet has been slow for a while, we got in contact and they tested the line, the next day we had a new router and actually have decent speed!

there 150 fibre is really good

Looking forward to the time that we can issue refurbished Plus v1 cards on here.

(More seriously, it sounds like they’re paid by TalkTalk or have some form of agreement with them. We don’t have any of that and are just members with one or two extra permissions).


Probably they do, but there is no indication that I could find on TalkTalk’s site.

It’s still the weirdest support structure I have ever seen, and the phone support just doesn’t seem to acknowledge the existence of this.

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