TalkTalk Not Supporting Monzo

It looks like TalkTalk still don’t support Monzo through their Direct Debit web form.

I wanted to update the Merchants & Banks Who Don't Yet Recognise the Monzo Current Account Sort Code / Debit Card (open Wiki) page but I don’t think I have the trust levels.

Currently the wiki states:

  • TalkTalk Broadband - Accepted on web form. Claims to be updated. We shall see.

In actuality, the situtation is:

  • TalkTalk Broadband - Not accepted on web form. Pointed towards customer service phone call to add details

See evidence of trying to add Monzo account:
Screenshot 2023-08-11 at 13.34.22

Screenshot 2023-08-11 at 13.51.02

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That looks to be an issue with how the validation has been programmed on the website more than Monzo itself not being accepted, seeing as it’s only highlighting the 00 value. Would imagine their web team need to adjust that.

There are online services they can use to verify bank details exist so refusing 00 as an invalid value isn’t necessary. They can probably just enter it manually over the phone. So seems more like a website issue than an actual acceptance issue.


Fair point and a similar conclusion to what I had reached, however, the Wiki page states TalkTalk accepts on the web form and, due to this weird validation of sort code, it actually does not accept it through the web form.

I completely agree though that this should be an easy fix for TalkTalk and is rather frustrating the way they’ve handled it!

Depends when the wiki was last updated I suppose, they may have refreshed their website and actually made the validation worse.

This is the sort of thing you might want to tell the in-app support so someone from Monzo can contact MasterCard about the issue.

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Well that is just very odd as I only ever dealt with TalkTalk online and I set up a direct debit from Monzo with no bother on joining them

Is this for changing to Monzo after joining them?

It looks like they’re trying to update their direct bidet so it comes out of Monzo; changing it after joining.

Depending on where the validation bug is occurring, you could probably cheat it and get past so it updates. But if the server is rejecting it, an agent will have to manually update. Or a CASS will force it.

As for TalkTalk actually fixing the issue, I wouldn’t hold my breath. They’re going under.

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