Taking Money out Abroad

So my question is about JA and limits.

  1. You can take up to £200 out.

So if I was travelling with a partner who I had a JA with could we take £600 out.

200 from are individual accounts then 200 from JA

Think so

I’m afraid not. Your allowance is 200 each. If you take out money with your JA, that comes out of the persons allowance who the card belongs to.


I’m pretty sure it’s only your personal accounts that have the limit. Your joint account is your personal ones connected together so it isn’t its “own account” as such.


The JA is an individual account, linked to the user profiles of 2 people. This 2 people also have individual Personal Accounts - so the question is, is the limit per account or per user profile?

If per account and you are both plustomers, that’d make a £1,000 limit!

Thank you for the update - that is a shame to here but good to know.

Might be nice to encourage people to set up joint accounts to have the limit per account.

£400 should be more than enough to be able to take out - just better to know



Monzo Plus customers, or ‘Plustomers’ - less characters to type!

It’s what Monzo call them internally too :slight_smile:

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… shudder…


I think it’s mainly because taking money out abroad cost loads to Monzo. So they are trying to encourage people to use their card where possible. :blush:


Personally I’d rather never use cash but some countries are still mainly cash based

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With Monzo Plus, I was expecting an increased free withdrawal limit for abroad ATM to be included as part of the basic package, rather than as another payment on top.

I understand fees have to be covered so maybe the setup could be £200 limit for normal Monzo (as it currently is), £300 for Monzo Plus, and £400 / £500 for those that add the custom feature?

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