Free free Internationl ATM Allowance

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Both myself and partner have individual Monzo accounts, as well as a joint account. Does anyone know if the feee free international allowance applies to just one account (Ie joint account), or there if there is a seperate allowance for the invidiual accounts also?

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To my knowledge the joint account doesnt benefit from Higher Allowances (I couldn’t find anywhere that says it does), it is the individual accounts that do, so this would require an active direct debit and pay £500 every 35 days into the sole account.

However, If you have a joint account with someone who has the higher allowance and you don’t - you also benefit from their allowance as if it was your own.

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Sorry I dont think I explained quite properly. Basically my partner has an allowance of £200 on her personal monzo account, I have an allowance of £200, and our Joint Account has an allowance of £200. Does this mean in total we can withdraw £600 fee free, or is this calculated in a different way?


It’ll be £400 the joint account allowance is pooled with your main one

Ahh ok, great. Thanks for your help!

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