Taking into account previous payments in Tabs

Love the new tab feature!

However, I think it’s missing something crucial, as I noticed today when I went to use it.

Here is the scenario:

  • A friend gives me a food order to grab when I’m popping to the shops. They send me £3 on Monzo.
  • I order the food, and it comes out to £8 total (£4 each).
  • I create a tab, and tick the £8 transaction to add it to the tab.
  • It now shows that my friend owes me £4.

There doesn’t appear to be any way to back date incoming payments and indicate that the person already paid some of it. In this instance, the tab should show that the friend owes me £1.

Is this something that’s already been considered or is in the works?


You can edit the amount the person owes you rather than doing a 50/50 split

Was taking about the exact same thing here.

In your situation it would be good if you could add the incoming payment and the tab would then show as £1 owed so you could settle.