Yeah ofc. The notification is for a transaction. What is a note of a notification?

(Jonathon) #223

I’m only speculating. He’s asking why this isn’t being done - it’s like the “Reply” function on messages I suppose.


Of course you would. You’ve invested loads in the company. Obviously you believe they’re doing the right thing.

(Jack) #225

I don’t really see how this would be any quicker than tapping on the notification then notes and entering it. It’s the same number of clicks and app opens instantly

(Alex Sherwood) #226

:joy: I haven’t invested in Monzo at all. But yes, I’d like to believe they’re doing the right thing, I don’t see any reason not to & I know that, that’s what they’re trying to do :slight_smile: I certainly wouldn’t accuse them of doing something wrong without evidence.

(Jonathon) #227

Well it would be much faster, for sure.

To be clear: this isn’t something I have a particular desire for, or have even thought about until now. That’s not to say it’s a terrible idea.


No it’s not the same. Otherwise no app would use this feature.


Not even your time? I’m not saying they’re doing something wrong. They’re just not thinking. People who make the decision are too disconnected with what people want. They’re too busy thinking just about business right now. Like this tag system. I suspect they chose this more for money reasons than giving people sub-/custom-categories. Maybe to attract the younger generations? Students tend to stay with their bank for a long time. And it sure would make a good ad campaign. Not saying that’s was the only one. Maybe soon there’ll be a feed of your friends transactions with pics for ads or ads exploiting you using your spending patterns.

(Alex Sherwood) #230

I hope so :upside_down_face:

(Brandon Billingham) #231

I agree monzo notifications are pretty naff and I really wish they’d add actions to them

(Eve) #232

Get SwiftKey and you only need to press one key to get #. Problem solved!

I still think they should keep the @ tag for other things though, like maybe when you pay a contact. It just feels so weird saying @ (info) and it seems odd that you would come on to rail at Monzo if you didn’t follow the instructions to do a tag anyway.


I stay away from third party keyboards. I don’t trust them as much as Apple. I don’t think there’s keychain support. And they don’t have the 3D press feature afaik.

It’s just bloatware imo. You shouldn’t be expected to do this yourself. That’s windows mentality. On iOS UX matters.


SwiftKey on iOS is really good and it definitely has 3D touch. Plus you get to swipe letter to letter which is brilliant, and customise your keyboard.

(Eve) #235

I like the swipe typing which is handy when typing one-handed, and it is really fast. The iOS keyboard lags sometimes and the prediction isn’t as good. A lot of usernames autocomplete on the keyboard itself for me because I type them so often, and this varies across different social media (idk how it does it). Also being able to customise my keyboard background is a huge draw. I miss being able to reduce long-press speed when I used Android though.

But fair enough if you’re not about that life, just suffer through pressing three keys whenever you use it. I just suggested an alternative. Lots of people use SwiftKey. It’s defo not just bloatware.

(Kim W) #236

Very much also agree! For me, the ones I struggle with are transport (I want a way to separate transport to/from work and transport for pleasure… ATM I have to manually add up the ones which I know are for work from the transport category).

Also I really want gifts and chairty categories, shopping just doesn’t really cover this and general is even worse! To me, if the categories system worked really well, no-one would ever have a need to assign something as “general”. I also really don’t care about what strangers spend compared to me… I care about what I spend being accurate and at the moment the usefulness of categories is limited by their innacurracy.

It reminds me of when you get insurance and you have to pick from a list of jobs, none of which are actually your job.


Since you’re probably gonna continue down this “hash tag” path, please add auto complete based on used tags.

Would rather prefer if you did git reset --hard before_hashtags :roll_eyes:

(Peter Roberts) #238

Whoa whoa whoa… don’t rewrite the published history! :stuck_out_tongue: git revert hashtags all the way on this, if they must :+1:

(Dan) #239

Some tags I’ve started experimenting with includes #alcohol, #films, #music, #lunches etc. This way I can see how many transactions are associated with lunches or breakfasts for instance, or what percentage of my grocery shopping includes alcohol. Over time I hope to eliminate costs by finding trends.

(Eve) #240

This is such a good idea, I’ll start doing that for my groceries and shopping purchases. I think I already know what I’m spending too much £ on, I’m just in denial until I see actual figures :thinking:

(Dan) #241

Yeah I wasn’t too keen on transaction tags straightaway to be honest, but I’m starting to see how it can be useful. I set a reminder to reconcile my finances on a daily basis so I can equip tags, update pots etc. It’s detinitely helping me to feel more mindful.

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