(Nick) #242

Found something new to do with tags at the weekend: I had a £40 Green Flag callout for something really stupid, which I tagged with #idiot, so now I can look back on all my stupid things that have cost me money!

(Eve) #243

Also borrowing this idea :joy: might do this for impulse purchases or unnecessary things, and see how much it cost me at the end of the year.


I bought something online after a few drinks the other night so that was my first use of #drunk. :grin:

I also use #unnecessary quite a bit, to hopefully show myself all the money I’ve spent on tat, or something.

(Alex Sherwood) #245

Great to see that Monzo’s planning to enable you to automatically Tag transactions from certain merchants / amounts via the new IFTTT integration :soon:


Can tags be filtered by month? If not, that would be hugely helpful! You could perhaps enabling searching tags within summary categories?

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(Jaroslaw Pawlak) #248

Is there any way to see what tags I have used?

Currently, I have to remember my tags, then I have to type one of them (or find the transaction which I remember has it), select that transaction and click on the tag. It is quite inconvenient.


Is it possible to automatically tag transactions? For example I always buy coffee from the same vendor, and that’s all they sell, so I’d like every transaction I make there to be tagged #coffee

(Jack) #250

At the moment no bit I’m also hope this is something they add

(Dan) #251

Does anyone else find it annoying that its easy to tag a transaction (the # is on the keyboard bottom right when adding notes)
But when using search to enter # you have to press ‘123’ then the ‘#+=’ button to enter a #.
i know its only 2 clicks but feels so much more!

(Simon) #252

Also searching # doesn’t just bring up # but also merchants with whatever I type in.
For example if I search #book it shows merchants with book in the name as well as the #.
Is this correct behaviour?


the hashtags don’t seem to work quite right in search when you type them in. If you click on a hashtag in a transaction it should search as expected


If I create a # with something that contains part of a merchant’s name I also get the merchant results when I click on the #.

Also, get all the #tag2 results if I search or click on #tag, which it kinda annoying.


Is there any way to search for a tag per month rather than a grand total? Also is there a way to list all the previous tags you have used?

(Alex) #256

Not sure if still the right place. But found what is surely a bug/bad behaviour in tags:

I marked one transaction as #ocado and one as #Ocado and when I clicked on one, the other did not show up in search, and vice versa. Hoping that the search could be made less stringent and not sensitive to caps to allow for people to be ever so slightly inconsistent in instances like this?

(Sam Dobson) #257

Bulk tagging of historical transactions is likely on the roadmap, but I needed it now… so I went and built it using the API.

If anyone needs this too, I’ve published the webapp code on GitHub.

You will require a Heroku account to run it, and a small amount of technical knowledge, though I have tried to make it as easy as possible.

If you try it, let me know you get on, and what you would like to see in terms of additional features (pull requests are welcome).

(Marc Dando) #258

Discovered the magic of tagging this weekend. Spent some time in Birmingham and I assigned all of my transactions to #birminghamtrip - really cool stuff :slightly_smiling_face:

(Alex) #259

Clearly no news on this, but just wanted to bump cus seems such a clearly unhelpful thing. Have long given up on custom categories so would love for these basic issues with tags to be ironed out :frowning:


Yep I’ve found this frustrating too. Really wish it wasn’t case sensitive.