Fair enough, obviously other people are more happy with the level of engagement on this topic than me


Reading and doing are two things. Sure you read it but only accept what you agree with. I’ve said it before. This forum is just to distract us and keep us from sending hundereds of emails instead of threads.

Seriously why would you do something that makes you less money and just makes customers more happy? Is that mentioned in your mission statement? No. You’re here to fill your own bank accounts. We all are.

This is exactly like FB saying we’re sorry, we’ll do better. Pfffft. Why? It’s not like everyone will stop using it. Same here. It’s pretty much impossible for bank to go under from an backlash. Remember EA and their “pride and accomplishment”? How’s EA doing now? Equifax? Wells Fargo? Snapchat with their updated UI? Apple with batteries? Google with their gender discrimination?

Stop pretending you’re any different.

That problem is easily solvable. But you don’t want to. You want us to keep busy arguing each other.

Only reason every company cares about customers is when they’re small. And Monzo is trainsitioning away from it. And reason for being is because you need give customer a reason to switch over. Now Monzo is gonna keep growing. There’s no point in listening.

If this comes off as angry, I’m not. I’ve seen this happen to several other companies but I still use them.

(Alex Sherwood) #204

The only person saying this is you, the Monzo team certainly aren’t.

I don’t understand where you’re coming from at all with this post. The reason why Monzo has such a large following of users in this community is because they do listen to our feedback, engage & deliver changes in response. If you don’t believe that Monzo’s doing anything different then you haven’t been paying attention. I think that’s really all I need to say.

(Joe) #205

Thanks for the ability to do tags. I have started using them. One point I’d make is that it would be nice to filter/search them as a set of tags.

For example I’ve recently been on holiday on a cruise around the Med. I spent money in different places and on the ship.

I added tags to transactions such as #holiday #cruise #Barcelona and then #Holiday #Cruise #Rome.

It would be nice to search against multiple tags. So if I search #Holiday it’ll bring up anything where I’ve used that tag but if I put #Holiday #Barcelona it brings up everything with both these tags in. I’ve found you can only do that if all the tags are in exactly the same order and you can’t miss any out. Is this something that can be addressed? :+1:


I think if there was a clickable list of your most used tags instead of the generic examples, maybe even going by the name of the retailer etc would make it usable for me. Autocomplete as you type after the # and an on-screen # key to speed things up, even better. It should be as quick as simple as changing categories.


Never said Monzo was saying it. I was saying it was true. You can do things without saying out loud… duh.


The @ tag don’t even work… #flop.

And why is it taking you so long to add actions like add a note to notifications on iOS? Apple makes everything easy but it’s still been over months.

(Alex Sherwood) #209

It’s not supposed to.

Monzo hasn’t said that they’re planning to do this?

(Is Santa here yet?) #210

It’s a #tag not at @tag

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #211




(Eve) #212

I guess it’s already been said above but tags = hashtags. You use #. Also idk about you but @ for me is a symbol that denotes a person rather than additional info/ category, especially on social media. Doesn’t using @ in place of # feel counterintuitive?

(Is Santa here yet?) #213

Trying to think in what circumstances I’d want a note in a notification but I’m struggling. Anyone got any examples?

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #214


Also don’t notifications come before you enter the note anyway so how would you enter a note before notification? :thinking:


Umm I imagine you can would add this hashtag. Or was it created to be ignored. Or any other note such all Amazon payment look at same, idk what it applied to so I add it to the notes. Same with other categories since we’re not getting them.

@Danny I don’t understand what you mean. It’s notification for an transaction you can add notes to them.


Don’t think wanna use both. They’re the same. Chose @ because I don’t have to press three keys to get to it.

(Is Santa here yet?) #217

Do you mean note to a transaction rather than notification? If yes then it’s on iOS and has been for a while, it’s the notes

Never seen anything about notes to a notification

(Jonathon) #218

Perhaps he means like:

  • Spend 99p at Pret
  • Notification pops up
  • Tag it #coffee directly onto the notification


Okay why not. Because they don’t actually listen to the forum? Or do they have grand idea which will be constantly refined and updated?

(Is Santa here yet?) #220

But we don’t get that for other categories. I don’t think. Never paid attention to the symbol tbh

(Alex Sherwood) #221

I’d like to think that they’ve looked at the data, showing user’s most common actions when they open a transaction from a notification & chose the actions for the notifications based on that.