Switching to full Monzo

Hello Monzo’s!
I’m in the process of going ‘full Monzo’ and applied to start the process yesterday via the app.
My switch date was provisionally set to 02/08. However my status still shows as ‘waiting to hear back from your old bank to confirm a switch date’
Does this mean I’ve missed the 02/08 now as it’s less than 7 business days away? Or does it usually say this message for a while whilst the process is happening in the background?


I believe the bank confirms within 1-2 days, your switch date will stay the same. I’ll try and find a time line somewhere.

It’s kind of a set time for the old bank to report any problems. If none are apparent after this time then your switch date is still good, if more info is needed it may be slightly delayed. Things like personal details not matching with your new/old bank (married names etc), recently moved and addresses different.


First - Congrats for going full Monzo, I did recently you won’t regret it :partying_face:

To answer your question, it depends on the bank ( I switched two banks across)

You’ll typically get this message for the first few days as they wait to confirm things with your bank,

You’ll then get an update in your transaction history (it took a few days for me) to confirm the exact switch date and then one while done. This for me was on both occasions the first switch date that they said it would be (2nd suggested, 2nd confirmed etc)

So, basically be patient, it’ll update when it can :slight_smile:

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Ok great, thanks for your help guys! Just wanted to make sure it wasn’t out of the ordinary, but sounds like it’s pretty normal!

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