Switching on Pot Round ups applies round up to old transactions?


I have been using transaction roundups on one of my pots. I switched this off over the weekend, as I went away and set a specific budget for the weekend - and have my money only be spent to this budget.

I switched roundups back on this morning, and noticed that has automatically applied to the old transactions I made over the weekend. I’m not too bothered, but just wondered if this is normal?

It happened to me the first time I switched on round ups, it went back a few hours and rounded up transactions at random. COps said it had been passed on to the technical peeps and that they’d let me know what caused it (but they never did).

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I get the impression feed updates are not necessarily done sequentially, which can cause a few things to break. For example, I have an IFTTT trigger for transactions from “Dropbox” to take the amount from my “BILLS” pot. This didn’t happen because the Dropbox transaction came through as “Dropbox [series of letters and numbers]”. So I took the money out of the pot manually and then submitted a merchant data update request to change the name and logo. The next day, I got a notification from IFTTT that the pot movement happened out of nowhere. Turns out, merchant name updates activate IFTTT applets even after the fact.

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