Phantom Round-Up issue

it appears that my locked round-up pot has randomly taken 0.75p from my account. There is no reason for this happening as I have not paid for anything today and no transaction in my main feed.

Wouldn’t be a major issue but it is slightly annoying as it is now locked away until November 2019.

Is this a common occurrence?

You can still pay in money to your locked pot just not remove it. It could be a delayed round up, seen it happen sometimes. I’d raise via in app chat.

I had this, this morning. Didn’t round a transaction yesterday as I was in my overdraft. Added money last night and this morning the transaction had cleared so the rounding was applied retrospectively. Didn’t have the rounding dot on the transaction but it’s there now.

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That is what it appears to be - a delayed round-up.

The issues are though:

  • I had money in my account so I’m not sure why it was delayed

  • I had specifically turned the rounding feature off for that day.

Frustrating all round.