Switching from iOS to Android?

I’m considering making the switch from iOS to Android in the next few months. Will I regret it?

Android seems to have a lot more exciting things going on, whereas my iPhone doesn’t feel it’s very innovative anymore.

Depends how hooked into the Apple ecosystem you are

The experience is more variable and inconsistent, but also more vibrant

You certainly will not be missing out on anything these days

I tried changing from an iPhone Xs to a Samsung Galaxy S10e a few months back. For about a month and a half I was fine living the good life being able to run multiple instances of the same app (Whatsapp, Signal etc), using my phone as a computer and having a good time. However, I ended up going back. Mostly because of how smooth iMessage is, all my friends are using it and there is nothing that can compare to how good it is or the adaption at Android. Also, 99% of my friends are iOS users. With that said, I also missed Apple Photos and clipboard sync.

That’s interesting. I do use FaceTime Audio to speak to my family a lot because I’m often not in the country. That’s one thing I’ve been worried about as I’m sure everything else wouldn’t be as seamless. I find myself using iMessage less (still every day) but the alternatives like WhatsApp and Messenger work well enough for me.

How could I forget, I was missing FaceTime. Not only is the audio quality better, but it’s the best app for video chats out there. If you live in a place with high Whatsapp adoption it might not be as big of an issue, but as one who spends most of my time in the US and Norway. Literally no one uses Whatsapp.

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There is plenty to miss. I was an android user for about 9 years and the switch to iOS (XS Max) has been great. I really appreciate the constant updates something with my old Samsung you’d be waiting for months and months for and then only for a limited time. The other thing is just how smooth it runs - the animations are great and it’s just a pleasure to use - throughout all my android days I could never say it was ever a pleasure - it was never more than a tool that I had frequent arguments with. And the simple thing with iOS is that it just works - with Android there would always be Bluetooth issues and codec issues etc.

I recently tried the Samsung S10 plus and I immediately realised that I had made the right choice. It just lacks the polished feeling and certainly any emotional attachment.

I do think that everyone should try the other side though so give it a go. You’ll probably appreciate the differences and can always switch back especially within the initial returns period.

I use both - primarily iOS - but dip in and out of the Android app. That way, I get the best out the experience as both platforms have distinct advantages at any one time.

I have wondered about switching, but I really am very tied into the Apple echosystem, with iPhone, iPad, two AirPlay-enabled amplifiers, Apple TV and MacBook - not to mention that iCloud is one of the easiest storage solutions I have.

Having said that, I picked up a Pixel 3a recently to keep up to date with Android, and was very pleasantly surprised by just how far Android has developed since I last ran it on a OnePlus One. I think if I were not as tied in, I might give Android a shot.

I switched a few months ago, I had an iPhone and Apple watch, switched to an S10+ and Active watch. After 10 years of Apple, I probably wouldn’t go back! The only thing I miss is being able to pay for things on my watch. Hopefully Monzo are working on Samsung Pay!

It was a pain transferring everything from Apple to Google, but in the end its worth it, Apple seems so restricted now, and much more expensive! Managed to get the free Galaxy Buds with my phone too! :grin:


My 6s continues to have life left in it, however when it dies, I’ll be moving to Android. I have prepared to move from Apple for a while, by not relying on Apple apps and having a different browser. It’s my belief, moving across depends on your usage and reliance on core Apple apps.

I will miss the long term software support etc, but I will probably pick up a pixel, which also offers a good support period.

Sadly, Apple’s iPhones are too expensive these days and the quality of the phones don’t match the cost. I can’t see it changing and prices will continue going up. I’ve weaned myself off the core app and it’s not long till I give up the habit!

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This thread is an interesting read for someone who has never had an iPhone, but uses iPad and MacBook Pro.

Was debating whether to go full Apple, however, the comments so far suggest I should remain with my beloved galaxy S7. Still going strong and at £6pm tariff via Plusnet, way cheaper than a new iPhone.



I remember I got right into the ecosystem from when MobileMe was a thing.

In the past few years I’ve reduced my reliance on iCloud though as I find OneDrive offers significantly better service. With the Files app in iOS it makes everything much easier to manage than it was prior.

Is android any more polished than it used to be? I remember apps would always perform significantly worse than their iPhone counterparts:

Exactly the same position as me. The latest generation of iPhones that have the same spec as my current 6+ are in excess of £1,100. A good chuck more than my current phone was when I got it. Just don’t see the value in them anymore.

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When I brought my 64GB 6 it cost 600 quid. That and the plus models were the top iPhone that you could buy. At this stage, the comparable Android device was 100/150 pounds cheaper. I decided to invest and get an iPhone at the time because it wasn’t that much more.

Now, iPhones are 400-500 quid more when compared to other flagship phones. I never going to buy the £750 LCD screen (XR) when I could pick up an Android for 200 -400 with an OLED screen. I think the pricing structure has become ridiculous.

If you are happy to spend the money on iOS - go for it. Personally - I’m out.

That a phone released in 2014 continues to receive software updates and will receive iOS13 when it is released is the reason why I will stick with iOS. Android updates have long been a mess and I don’t see much sign of that changing.

My 2-year-old Samsung TV has long been abandoned, which I’m not best pleased about, but I’m not doing my internet banking on that. I’d want to have confidence that my phone will be patched promptly.


Personally I’d miss my iPhone and iOS.

I have both iPhone (Personal), and Samsung (Work). I hate my work phone (I have the option to use it for personal should I wish, but I just couldn’t).

As for the iPhone I just like how smooth/slick it is, everything is just there and works. Those I know with an Android phone bang on about customisation, multi-tasking etc blah blah. But I just don’t desire that in a phone. iOS just works quickly, smoothly and without hassle.

Laptop/PC however I feel very different a Mac would drive me up the wall, Windows & Linux all the day :+1:

I moved earlier this year.

I got bored of the lackluster updates, the fact Siri was never getting better and the ecosystem was getting ever more expensive.

There are a few things I miss, but overall it’s been an improvement

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It’s not necessarily a simple question. What exactly are you looking for? What are your needs? What about privacy? Support/warranty? Updates? Build quality?

I moved from android to apple, one of the main reasons I did so was to get away from the intrusiveness of Google on my phone. Android is essentially subsidised by the fact that you’re still the product to google not the customer and your data is used by the. For their purposes.

So if privacy has any sway in your decision your not really going to get it with android.

Like what? Why is this a factor?

I switched last year and had been an Apple convert for over ten years. I haven’t struggled with anything and I prefer the android. I guess.its personal preference like anything else. I can’t say there are any apps or features that I miss, I take a lot of photos and edit them and haven’t encountered any issue.

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I’ve used both over the years but personally prefer Apple myself and I am currently using the Xs max.

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