Switched over everything, direct debit needing confirmation

Hi, I recently switched everything from tsb to Monzo .
A direct debit payment was made to a credit card of mine . All paid as it should , however I’ve received a letter from the credit card provider saying they can’t change my direct debit without my say-so , however this doesn’t make sense as the payment went through.
Had similar from my employer when I asked if my wages would go to my new bank account , they said I’d have to do that manually and they wouldn’t do it without me asking, plus they had no change request anyway.
However it also went through as Monzo promised . Is this all normal? Do I need to contact my credit card provider or is it all actually done in the background?

The CASS service covers all direct debits, so you shouldn’t need to inform a credit card provider, but it wouldn’t hurt to confirm with them I guess? Seems very odd.

You WILL need to tell your employer about your new bank account, the CASS service doesn’t inform people/companies putting money into the account, but will automatically move it for a moderate period.

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On the contrary, it’s part of the CASS scheme that any bank sending money to your old account is automatically notified by the system of your new account details so that they can update their records.
As it says on the CASS website:
Q: What happens to payments that people send to my old account?

A: All incoming and outgoing payments will be automatically redirected to your new account. Each time a payment is redirected, an automatic message is sent back to the originator advising them of your new account details so they can update their records. Some organisations may contact you directly to confirm your details have changed. If you do not want your new details to be given to someone who sends a one-off payment, contact your new bank.

I did work myself and then let Monzo do the rest.

And then as their archaic processes caught up I got letters from them informing me that I’ve changed my direct debit details weeks later.

Thanks for the replies. I was under the impression that it was all hassle free , and so far it has been . No harm I guess in telling payroll of the changes tho I guess . Thanks again

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I always thought that incoming payments were moved across automatically for at least 12 months.
As said above with a message - new account details please change.

I’ve Cass a few times. Always worked well. I find most companies are so slow on the uptake of change of bank details.

I’ve never worried as long as you use full CASS your covered if anything goes wrong - such as direct debits not paid.

I had a similar issue with CASS - my salary couldn’t be moved, had to go to my agency and ask them to change it, they never got a CASS request