Switching away I want back

I have recently switched from Monzo to another bank. How can I switch back, is this possible? I was told with my new account I would get a contactless card but it hasn’t happened. Just got a chip and pin card!

You can open a new account in the app. You might run into some problems as it may recognise your details in that case you can email help@monzo.com. It is also possible to re-open your account, this is what I did they’ll ask if you want to do this when you email in though. Once you’re up and running again you can initiate a switch from within the app.


I thought most banks did contactless cards these days as standard?

Out of interest where did you switch to? and can’t they give you a contactless card?

Sound like a mistake. I once got issued with a non contactless card by Lloyds but a quick phone call fixed it and got a new one issued

A number of banks don’t do contactless cards for basic accounts however you’d only be offered a basic account if you’re not eligible for any other account

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You should be able to CASS back

If you reopen your Monzo account. Email help@monzo.com

You need to wait 30 days before Monzo will allow you to reopen an account and it has to be the same one you closed. Therefore an email to help@monzo.com (as mentioned numerous times above) is your course of direction after 30 days.

Will that work with an account you CASSed away though, as the various redirects will now be in play?

I’d double check your setup with the account to see if a support call will get you the card you want, and if your switch hasn’t completed you could raise a support ticket with Monzo to see if the switch can be cancelled (if not completed yet)

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If you CASS away it has to be a brand new one that gets opened.

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Who stated this? I am happy to stand corrected.

My view is based on previous comments from staff about reopening accounts, not creating a new one, and CASS is only a redirect from one account to another which could theoretically also be easily removed.

I believe the above to be true too. Something to do with how the redirects are setup from your old account to the new one if I remember correctly.

If I find the comment I’ll share it :slight_smile:

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In fairness, it wasn’t a hard search. A good 'ole @simonb comment. I stand corrected.


I tried but I couldn’t find it :see_no_evil:

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