Switch to Starling or be loyal to Monzo

What! No way

What was the issue with prepaid cards, i had a Loot card a few years ago and i loved it and never had issues with acceptance. Does it cost more to accept a prepaid card?

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You’re a Monzosaurusrex but you weren’t there from the beginning?
The mask is beginning to slip. I think this is proof that dinosaurs didn’t actually exist. Sorry kids. :wink:

Hey! I used a winky face. I remember Mondo but unfortunately i was with Loot when fintech was in my grasp. Maybe Dinosaurs are not real :wink:

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Well prepaid had teething issues, but the key issue is people wanting debit/credit card and still thinking it’s pre-paid.

You’ll also on the flip side have issues at some paypoints where they don’t think it will work until you have to shake them shouting “just try it FFS”.

Monzos had loads of little occasions where say they don’t accept the sort number because they haven’t updated their records and think that Monzo isn’t a real bank.

You had Asda multiple times have issues and even “accidentally” blocked the BIN so it didn’t work and you had people saying no we don’t accept Monzo here for the next six months because staff aren’t updated with what actually happened.

Oh, i never knew any of this. It’s interesting to find out about it now as well to be honest. I’m guessing I’m very lucky to not have come across these issues. Now i suppose its not the biggest issue as i have the Premium Metal Card (flex not intended :wink:). So no one can mistake it for the Hot Coral Card

Metal card has its own issues :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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None taken :wink:

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Yep - agreed!

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There were (possibly) apocryphal stories of people leaving their (empty) pre-paid cards behind the bar and never going back to pay, for one.


I’m sure my Loot said Prepaid on the back. However that is both genius and also completely unfair on the business that’s getting mugged off

The Monzo prepaid ones had no name on them, which probably facilitated such deplorable behaviour.

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I would give Starling a go AND keep your Monzo. Both husband and I have both. We’re mostly with Monzo, but some of my weekly outgoings come out of Starling, and it’s good for paying in at the post office and scanning cheques.

Maybe you could amalgamate your joint debits in Starling and keep your personal spending in Monzo?

Probably should be added to the OP


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Starling have this year been ahead in terms of innovation. Monzo have sadly moved backwards. Lots of legacy banks are bringing in budget controls and spending information and the ability to view other accounts within the app.

If starling bring in automation around their spaces, like Monzo currently do. The gap between them will close even more.

You love to hate Monzo which is the same thing :stuck_out_tongue:

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I may be wrong, but I think it comes down to personal preferences.
Monzo have concentrated on the tech side whereas Starling have erred towards traditional banking.
Depending on what you’re looking for in a bank, would sway you to one or the other.
I wouldn’t say one is better than the other, it’s just what you want from your bank.

And that is where you’re mistaken. Rather than be irrational and fanatical, I like to maintain an objective view. Monzo do / have done some things very well. I just don’t understand the fanaticism and irrationality of some of its customers.

I understand what you’re saying and sort of agree. The way I’d put it is that Monzo is a tech firm doing banking; Starling is a bank doing FinTech.

A subtle difference, perhaps, but Starling has Boden’s wealth of banking knowledge and experience and Monzo has Blomfield.

I think both Monzo and Starling have been catalysts, to some extent, in developments in banking apps from legacy players. On the other hand, some of those ‘legacy banks’ have actually been innovative in their own right over the years, such as RBS.

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Remember, legacy banks are only doing so because of the fintechs. The gap may well close, but I don’t see legacy banks innovating at all out of anything more than a desire to not be left looking like dinosaurs. They’ll wait for the next big feature from fintechs, budget some 100’s thousands and attempt to catch up again. We all remember how long a certain legacy bank celebrated their contactless cards for, right?

I can’t disagree, but remember it isn’t a zero-sum game. Monzo could well launch something and diverge again (as can Starling). I don’t think this ‘race’ will ever be settled - and that’s a good thing!

The next big thing is who’s going to win this?

Monzo adds the option to include other banks and cards into the budgeting.

:fist_right: :fist_left:

Starling finally launches their credit card, and you can choose to automatically add funds to a space to cover the monthly bill when spending on it.

Where’s @Peter_G :sweat_smile:

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