Sweeps/Rules between pots and accounts

Hey, so my previous bank account had a great feature where if my account went below a certain amount that I set like £50, there would an automatic rule to “sweep” money from the savings account (Pot) into my current account. The amount sweeped also was determined by the amount I set so it would move the amount needed to get my account back to £100. This gave me peace of mind to avoid hitting my overdraft.


Hey! That sounds handy! We’re all for clever automation! Though you may not find that exact rule, you may find a very similar rule you can create through our connection with IFTTT that will allow you to manage your balance and pots such as Moving money from a pot if you have a transaction over a certain value.

With IFTTT you can create automated actions with set triggers to help keep your balance up after certain transactions! (Correction)

You can see our community chat on it here too but any questions, feel free to ask! :slightly_smiling_face:

I thought IFTTT cannot see balances yet?

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You’re right! Just read and realised I needed to edit that line out!

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It’s coming though right :eyes::eyes:


I don’t know how I didn’t know IFTTT had a Monzo section. Absolute game changer!!!

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Balance update trigger is coming soon and they’re working on ‘when I receive my salary’

The infamous Monzo ‘coming soon’ slogan…


Sorry every single feature can’t be available straight away! :joy:

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Oh really? I thought it could…

It’s more a joke from the days of Apple Pay being requested


The flip side of this would be to sweep money above a certain limit to, e.g. a savings pot.