Is there a way to make Pots automatically top up funds?

Just was wondering if there was a way. If you could set an automatic amount in a pot.

For example I have a Pot for “Food Shopping” that at the start of the month needs to have £100 in. But if there’s still £10 left in the “Food Shopping” pot from the previous month, it will only add £90.

Does that make sense? Is there some sort of way to add a ‘rule’ to a pot?


Not automatically at the moment, you could set you pot target as £100, and then set up scheduled payment into pot for £100.

Least then you would get a notification to say Pot target achieved, so would prompt you to take out the extra money over that?

There more than likely would be a way to do it with IFTTT if you get it to be clever and put totals to a spreadsheet and work out the difference to another cell, that other cell could then be trigger for a different IFTTT action to move that amout to a pot. This would need a bit of trial and error your side to get the 2 IFTTT setup to work how you want!