Pots that re-fill to a certain amount

We are starting to use pots heavily for our yearly financial plan. We save for yearly expenses, we save for a rainy day, etc.

It would great if all of these pots would get automatic deposits every month until the pot has the intended goal and then stop, but if the pot is used, then it starts automatically refilling again. In that way, I don’t need to turn the automatic transfer to a pot on and off as things happen.

Can you not do this with scheduled deposits?

Say you put in £30 a month and need £300 just set it to end in 10 months?

But when I transfer some of the money from the pot, it doesn’t automatically start taking £30 a month again. That’s the idea I’m proposing.

This might be something you can do using IFTTT with a custom skip filter.


The high street bank I used to work for had this functionality and it was called a “sweep function” so when a certain account fell below a certain balance a “sweep” was made from a specified account to start topping up again. This could be done in one lump sum but also in recurrent payments.

Dunno if that terminology helps Monzo look into it via legacy banks?



Time to sign up the the API and make an app to do that soon I think…