Auto empty pots into savings

Hey guys,

So I currently have a load of pots that store cash for different things - one of those is called Shortfall, which is kinda like an unlocked savings pot. Money that’s there if I need it.

I also have other pots like groceries, daily expenses that are budgeted specifically for each month.

It’d be great if I could schedule for all of these pots to be emptied into my real savings pot just before I get paid, as I’ve made it to the end of the month without spending it.

Not sure if anything like this is already possible with IFTTT?


I don’t think this is possible because it will be a variable amount. You can easily setup a ‘set’ amount but it is not currently possible with variable.

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This is a feature that’s been talked about a lot, the idea of a ‘sweep’ before pay day so that you start every month on a clean slate. Haven’t heard much on the topic recently though. Still think it would be a great feature.


I would also love to see this feature. I am doing it manually as I like to empty my account at the end of the month to start a fresh but I’d love it to be able to do it it’s self

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I can’t imagine taking the value of a pot and moving it to another pot on a specific date would be too difficult to program, it’s just about if it’s something they’d want to do

It would also be nice to be able to move money direct from pot to pot instead of from a pot to the main account and then into a savings pot, such a pain and makes it all too fussy and messy.


I’m definitely interested in moving money directly from one pot to another. I currently empty my round up/penny jar pot at the end of every month into savings and hate having to transfer to and from my balance.

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If you’re able to do a little programming you might find the info I posted here useful: IFTTT / Pots integration :slight_smile: