Sweep left over funds from bills pot

Sometimes my monthly bills change but I have a fixed amount going into my bills pot each month, is there a way to sweep this leftover amount into another pot?

Be also good to sweep remaining balance of my main account just before my salary his the account.

Sweeping left over money from your bills pot can’t be done currently. There are lots of plans to expand on the bills pot so maybe it will come in the future.

As for the remaining balance sweep on your main account. This can be done on Android currently but I assume you’re on iOS? This will hopefully be coming soon.

Not sure if this is what you’re talking about, but on iOS, when you get your summary report at the end of your summary period, there’s a button to move/sweep whatever is left in your current account into a pot

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Yeah that’s the one.

When I mentioned it last time I’m sure someone said that not everyone has it. I assumed that since I’m Android it was not available for iOS. Seems like I got it wrong.

How can it be done on Android?

It’s the same for both platforms. @Zain explained it above :slight_smile:

There seems to be an unresolved issue with this feature: Sweeping balance on payday

If it helps, I have two bills pots. One is for bills I know definitely don’t change, and one is for bills that do. I expect the first one to go to zero by the end of the month, and it makes it easier to double check and manually “sweep” the second one.

No, it’s available for some on iOS but not all :woman_shrugging:

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I hadn’t heard about the sweep balance to pot option and got quite excited, as that would be useful. However I only seem to get the move to pot option on my personal account monthly summary and don’t get this on my (main) joint account summary. Is this is a #japarity issue?