Move leftover money to savings pot at the start of each month

Something I always do at the beginning of each month is move the leftover money in my current account into my savings account. I would love for a way to do this automatically.

The way I do this is by picking an amount I want to keep in my account (e.g. £2000) and then everything else I put into my savings account. I do this every payday (specific day of the month), kind of like a big payday roundup.

Any chance this could be a feature?

Not sure Monzo would want to help automate you moving your money away from them but it has been suggested that left over money be moved to a pot. This could also be a savings pot similar to your 3rd party account.

They’ve named it Salary Sweep up and you can vote for it here :slight_smile:

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I actually meant savings pot instead of savings account; just like you do with a roundup, not sent to a new 3rd party account. That salary sweep up sounds exactly what I’m after.

Ahh cool, apologies for the misunderstanding but glad we got there either way :smiley:

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Do you not have this feature on your monthly spending report? Think it’s left over from the budget you set and it might just be a test with a small amount of users but I’ve had it for 2 months

You only get that if you setup a budget though (but let’s not open THAT can of worms!) :smiley: