Sweeping balance on payday

I just noticed that this thread has been closed as the feature has been built, but it completely passed me by! How do I implement it?

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If you open your monthly spending report and there’s an add to pot button

But some people don’t have this option and I don’t think anyone is working on a fix

Ah, I see. I would be a nice feature to tack on to getting paid early/salary sorter, as it’s all part of the same end of month admin for those that have monthly salaries.

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Sadly, I think I am one of the people without that option. Disappointing. Also not sure if it’s available on joint accounts?

Sorry, I haven’t heard either way if it’s available for joint accounts

Not on my personal one

It’s available on my joint account however the amount is sometimes wrong and/or the summary takes a while to come through. It’s very much an MVP feature this now.

I prefer just to manually manage sweeping as I can divide it up in to pots myself.