Does anyone use sweat coin? I’ve been using it for a while and have I’ve over 1200 coins, going to delete it but would be happy to send them all to anyone if they use the app?

I’m @thomas892438 within the app; more points would be lovely… Thanks. :slight_smile:

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Thanks :slight_smile:

I know I’m going to regret this, but…

…oh go on then, @thom_horne, what’s sweatcoin and why give it/them away? :thinking:

Have no idea what Sweatcoin is.

So I googled it and did some maths. Apparently I have to walk 27,700km for a free iPhone?! Walk from London to Darwin in Australia and back again.

The number of steps I average in a day, earning an iPhone would take me over eight years.

Currency for walking, I do a lot of walking in my job so I’ve been collecting them for a while. Essentially you can use the coins for money off things or for special offers.

And on top of that, think how wet you’d get :rofl:

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It’s honestly a waste of time. Most of the offers you can buy with the coins are freely available elsewhere. They sometimes have gift cards to redeem but it’s pretty infrequent and you need a lot of currency for those. Don’t even think about the big ticket items.

To have a chance of getting anything even remotely worthwhile you’d have to sign up their referral scheme. And then you just realise the whole thing starts to feel like some bizarre exercise based pyramid scheme.

A lot of people claim that “it’s passive so I may as well” but it would take years to achieve anything worthwhile without recruiting. You’re also allowing the app to know your precise location continually, even when you’re not earning coins by being indoors.