A penny for your thoughts. :)

Hi guys, so as a way to maybe promote the joys of Xmas I’m planning on sending all my monzo contacts a penny on Xmas morning.

None of my monzo mates are on here so I’m hoping it at the very very least bring a little smile.

I’d love to see everyone do it and see if monzo can report back as to how big the movement equates to in £££ or maybe it’ll just be me and my 22p.


It’s a bit annoying though. I wouldn’t be happy if someone sent me 1p. What’s the point?


Interesting idea. I’m with @TTJJ though, 1p would have me feeling more :thinking:🤷 than :blush:

It’s a nice thought though, but I think it would need to be £1 at least to have the sort of impact your hoping.

Here’s another idea that could achieve the same impact, do a little good, and still be appreciated by your friends. Make a small donation to a charity that supports a cause close to their heart.


And to add to the above some banks can be twitchy with 1p payments – supposedly frequently used by people who are up to no good to check that an account is active

So sending out lots of transactions worth 1p may not look so great


@trevwmitchell Building on N26s suggestion you should look around your local area look for small community lead organisations that don’t receive proper funding because they’re not necessarily a full blown charity.

I work with a one such organisation where I live and this time of the year there are lots and lots of community orgs that are in desperate need of a little bit of money to help get the people they support through Christmas.


I quite like it.

It will open up dialog with people which is always good. You can then check in how they’re doing, catchup and hopefully rekindle some friendships.

I’m not sure it would be a good feature for Monzo to build though :thinking:

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It’s a bit of an odd thing to do. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Id also throw in the question that would a faster payment transfer potentially cost monzo more than a penny?

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I like the sentiment but the I’d be pretty annoyed if I had a bunch of 1p transactions filling up my feed personally.

I don’t think the P2P payments go outside Monzo’s back-end so at the least that’s a saving grace.

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Maybe everyone here transfers 1p to all of the other registered forum users, as a gesture of goodwill and friendship to all in this festive season :christmas_tree:

But make sure you claim the ‘get paid early’ for the £45K+ incoming from them too first, to be able to pay them all?

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