Has anyone used Plutus?

If so, any experiences to share and advice on how to make a most of their perks/award levels etc.

Even an easy to use help guide (i.e. easier to follow than their official help pages!) would be appreciated

I have an account and a card. Never used it. Not the best response I guess :man_shrugging:

I don’t have a card or an account (nor have I heard of Plutus). So I’ve made your response look very helpful in comparison.

You’re welcome.


So, you pay actual money to earn a crypto currency that you can’t sell?

Looking at their Reddit current issues seem to be:

  • There’s a 45 day (!) withdrawal timeframe for PLU and you have to keep the paid subscription running through that period
  • Fiat withdrawals are ‘paused’
  • People are experiencing ‘technical errors’ with their withdrawals (the naivety of some people here is hard to fathom - when companies stop paying out or put long wait times on payouts it’s not a ‘technical error’)
  • The PLU price is down substantially and continuing to fall

All in all looks like it’s already hitting the end of its road to me.

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I briefly looked at them, mainly for the card, but I was so put off by the whole proposition I didn’t want them to even have letters 2 and 4 of my postcode.

The FCA has currently halted their DEX in the UK, but it doesn’t mean you can’t sell it.

I built up around £60ish in pluton, connected MetaMask and sent it to my Coinbase wallet where I was able to cash out.

So not completely stuck.