Swapping Mobiles and itunes account

I had initially installed the mondo app on my wifes iPhone as I was waiting for mine to delivered.

I have no since received my phone, how to I transfer the app to the new phone and itunes account?

I have tried requesting alpha access again from the testflight heroku app, but no emails were received…

If you search for the testflight app on your phone, you should see the mondo app listed there and be able to install as normal, assuming its logged into the same Apple ID…

I installed the app onto my iPad using the above method.

Naturally, this wont help with a new account, sadly.

Actually… thinking about it - it’s a pain - but you could sign into the other Apple ID the mondo app is registered to, then download using the above method… Before signing out of the Apple ID and into your own. You’d need to end up using the other IDs details for any updates (I think - never tried this using testflight) which is why it could be a pain… but it should allow for you to install and use the app with no other issues… Unless you set up family sharing (though at this stage im really not sure if test flight works for this)

Otherwise. I suspect one of the Mondo staff could sort something.

resolved the issue by requesting an invite using an alternative email…