Mondo gone after phone restore

(alex_monks) #1

Hi all,

Currently having a panic as Apple had to do a wipe and restore of my phone and now Mondo has disappeared and I can’t get it back through TestFlight.

Does anyone know how I can get it back?

(Hassan Iqbal) #2

See if this works for you, I found this in my history.

If not, hold tight for someone at Mondo to reply.

Hope this helps

(Izzy) #3

I had to use a different email address

(pojmasta) #4

I have the same problem - restored iPhone today and can’t redownload from the old link :frowning:

Tried a different email address in the heroku link but nothing yet unfortunately.


(alex_monks) #5

Hi guys, found a solution. Mondo is now available in the App Store. Installed it and all my info reappeared- Job done!

(virtuallysue) #6

That is good news. My iPhone fell into the North Sea today so I’ll be getting another one tomorrow morning to replace it. :frowning:

(joekw) #7

You should be able to redownload it from the TestFlight app.
If you use the version from the app store, i dont think you’ll get any of the alpha updates.

(Miguel Afonso) #8

The heroku link is no longer working.
It is a glitch with the app or was it removed?

(Tristan Thomas) #9

It was removed :slight_smile: You can now download from the App Store