New feature - Instant Access Streak

Anyone else had access to this? Seems new! Not sure how useful but could encourage people to save more


Where in the app is it?

Popped up at the top in a banner and now it shows in the investment and savings pot tab under my investment pot


I first noticed it after today’s update

Is an instant cash ISA account needed for this feature ?

I’ve just got the regular instant access saver. Mines not an ISA.

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Is this being rolled out? I don’t seem to have it or I just can’t find it.

Just a gimmick, surely :man_shrugging:

It’s like DuoLingos streak system, but for money

I’ve not got it yet but it looks absolutely ridiculous, just like the ‘Get Paid Early’ game.

I love it. :heart: Makes money fun.


I have this, but it’s reporting a grossly exaggerated “total amount saved”, I suspect it might just be summing all of the account deposits and not accounting for withdrawals.

What’s wrong with gimmicks? Personally a gimmick fan :smiley:


Just got it too! This is gonna be fun

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Slow rollout, don’t yet have it, but looks very cool!