Monzo premium?

Any ideas on when monzo plus will be a thing again?


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I hope Monzo doesn’t place a 99% feature behind a paywall, like a credit score builder or linked card feature. I think they are a 99% feature, and the masses would want it for free. Locking a credit score builder or linked card feature behind a paywall really wouldn’t be making money work for everyone imo.


On the actual thread question, I have no real idea. The world itself is fluid enough at the minute so predicting something like this feels next to impossible. I could put equal weighting on “tomorrow” and “next year” at the moment.


Tomorrow at 10.47am and 36 seconds


nah, 11:03am (they aimed for 11 but spotted a typo at the last minute. For what it’s worth, another typo was then spotted by a member of the community minutes later anyway.)

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Ok thanks il get signed up :eyes:


Probably wait and see what they include before you decide to sign up

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Yeah I know, I’m hoping they include mobile insurance, just still paying my other bank £15 and for obvious reasons prefer monzo :grin:

What are these obvious reasons, being as you haven’t seen how it compares on price and features to your existing plan yet?

I would suspect for the features already available, such as instant notifications,, and the core app functionality?

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Not more speculation :see_no_evil: :laughing:

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Exactly this, I plan to be with monzo for everything smh

Monzo Premium - “It’s here…”


(well, almost)


I’m going to guess we’ll see this launch as plus minimum terms start to end. I wonder what the differentiator will be to launch it soon, given that we’re now firmly in the midst of a second of the pandemic. Travel oriented features have to be off the table, surely?