Introducing Monzo Labs: Get Early Access to the Newest Monzo Features

(Tristan Thomas) #1

We’ve introducing Monzo Labs to everyone! :tada:

Show money left till payday
Daily budgets / forecasting / exclusions
Ignoring transactions in monthly spending
(Caspar) #2

I read the title four times and was convinced you were inviting us to the ‘Natwest Monzo Features’ :flushed:

(Sacha) #3

Maybe it would have an option to delay seeing the payments you make by 2 days just like the traditional banks. :rofl:

(Justin) #4

Very nicely done! Very impressed with the mechanism that’s been used to allow customers to either bank as usual or try out some of the new functionality. :+1:

Are you I sending to set up a new section within the Community boards to discuss features that can be tested?

I also like the direction the Summary is going in.


We’ve got a brand new subforum


I just love this feature and I was waiting for this since I start using Monzo. Only after few days of testing, convinced me to fully switch from my main account. Keep up the good work!

See Pending Direct Debits
(Tim Banting) #8

Brilliant idea! Monzo just keeps getting better! I like the spending summary feature within labs. Really nice work there. The spending by month is little odd. I started with money saved in a holiday pot. I moved it out from there, deleted the pot and last month showed that I have it saved away.

(Tim Banting) #9

Any idea what the next lab rat feature will be? :microscope:- hope it’s savings pots with interest or pot rules!

(Andy) #10

Is Monzo labs over? :grimacing:


It is not, we just aren’t featuring anything in there at the moment!


You should have told them there is a hidden feature and you have to tap so many times and swipe a particular pattern, they’d be trying all night, and some claiming they were the first to crack it :rofl:


What’s happening with Monzo labs?

(Rika Raybould) #14

Monzo Labs will almost certainly return with more features to try out!

Right now, we’re working on our big list. Many of these don’t quite fit into Monzo Labs so it’s taking a bit of a break.

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(Adam Roper) #15

While I get a notification on android or the forum when new lab features are available ?=)

(Jack) #16

They would post about it here on the forum is suspect. You can setup notifications when certain topics are created. Not sure about in app. Can’t remember if they did for summary.

(Nikhil velani) #17

How do I join Monzo labs? I’d love to test joint
Accounts and other new features.


Labs shows up for everyone. Make sure you’re on the latest release 2.5.1 on iOS and it’s in Account -> profile -> monzo labs

At the moment the only thing in test is joint account. Think saving pot goals is coming to labs v soon

(Nikhil velani) #19

Thanks Andy I’m on the latest updated Android that might be the problem :roll_eyes:.

(Adam Kendrew) #20

It should be there on Android too! Not sure where abouts in the interface though?


On android it’s under account tab -> cog next to account details, then scroll down and labs should be there.